About Us

Hello and welcome! 

 My name is Tamara (Tam-uh-ruh) and I am the balloon mastermind around here.. self titled balloonologist! I am also a wife to my amazing supportive husband, Seth, and a mom and bonus mom to a total of 7 great (sometimes crazy) children! We've been residents here in Tehachapi for 12+ years and absolutely love our small mountain living! Some of you might recognize me as Winifred Sanderson around some local events in the fall!  

 I have always been a crafty type and have worked professionally in the crafting industry for years. From children's handmade boutique clothing I designed and sewed, children's hair accessories that I was so proud of and ran that business supporting my kids and I when I was a single mama, a published paper crafter (Yes, it was a real paying job and was so fun!), interior design, and more! Between throwing beautifully curated parties for my children and working in the paper crafting industry (I loved custom making party decorations) gave me the push to try out balloon styling as I just love celebrations of any type! I didn't really know what I was doing at first, but I was determined to learn! Plot twist, balloon design is not at easy as it looks! With lots of trial and error.. and a few broken nails.. I got to the point where I felt confident in my skills and was ready to take on clients! Balloon Bar and Events was launched on May 16th, 2022 in celebration of my best friend's birthday!

 When I am not playing with balloons I love to watercolor paint, bake 'the best' cookies, fill up online shopping carts only to exit the website without purchasing anything, talk to my plants and beg them not to die, snuggle with my dogs, Winnie and Winston, and tell my children to do chores, because that's apparently all I do for them. I'm sure all you parents are the EXACT same way. I also make homemade pasta which is a sure way to get anyone to like me.

 Our family of 9 really enjoys the great outdoors and you can find us on summer road trip or two every year, Mammoth Lakes several times a year, June Lake, the beach, etc. Some of the family really enjoys hiking.. I am not one of them.

Balloon Bar and Events is currently a small family ran business and each and every client of ours is so much appreciated! We hope to work with you soon!