Frequently Asked Questions:


1). How can I get a quote for balloon decorations?

  • We're so excited you're interested in working with Balloon Bar! To get a quote it is best to contact us through contactballoonbar@gmail.com or text/call 661.972.7300. While we have pricing on our website, those are simply starting points for that particular design. We love photos of what you're looking for so include those in an email if you have some inspiration! 

2). How do I secure my event date?

  • Event dates are secured once the 50% retainer fee is paid and cleared and our terms and conditions are signed.

3). What if I need to move the event date or cancel the event?

  • Retainer fee may be transferred to another date if schedule allows. It is very important to contact us ASAP if you need to move your event date. Retainer fee is non-refundable.

4). Can I provide my own balloons?

  • We only work with the highest quality professional balloons, therefore we do not accept balloons from our clients. This is to not only provide you with long lasting beautiful results, but to hold up to our company standard level of service and how we present ourselves to you and your guests. 

5). Do you deliver?

  • Delivery and professional installation is included with most orders in Tehachapi, CA area. The Grab and Go Mini, 1-2 balloon mosaics, balloon bouquets, etc. are pickup only in Stallion Springs unless arranged for delivery OR it is part of a larger balloon install order that includes delivery already.

6). I'm in a surrounding city; will you deliver?

  • YES! We do charge a delivery fee depending on your location. We service out to Bakersfield down to the Antelope Valley, Cal City, Mojave, etc. Contact us for more info.

7). Can you install the day before our event?

  • If the event is indoors, yes! Our balloon sets can last WEEKS indoors. Outdoor events will be the day of your event.

8). Do you rent props?

  • YES! We will soon have a list with prices and photos of items we rent. Most of what you see in displays are able to be rented (Gold ring, rugs, teddy bears, neon signs, tables, stands, chairs, florals, chair, etc.) Let us know what you're interested and the rental fee with be worked into your quote.

9). How long do you need to set up?

  • Depends on how much coffee we've consumed... but we always ask our clients for 2-3 hours allocated for us at the venue. If it's a rather large event with multiple balloon focal points we may need longer depending on how many available balloon stylists we have available for your install.

10). Will my balloons last all day outdoors?

  • This is a tricky one due to the nature of balloons and weather. We can't fight science and weather can be unpredictable, especially here in Tehachapi! For the most part, they will last through an entire event. If it's going to be a really warm day, we plan ahead with your balloons and allow them 'resting' time which will help with not popping when the temperature rises and allow for expansion. Balloons out in the cold tend to deflate.  Direct sun is not advised and will result in popped balloons. Balloons do best in a shaded/partially shaded area. 

11). Do you take down the balloons after an event?

  • We only come and do balloon striking and cleanup if it is an outdoor event with a larger install or if we also need to collect rental props. 

12). I ordered giant mosaic numbers/letters, can I keep them?

  • Please do! They have been created just for you and are yours to keep! The mosaics are made to be recycled when you're done with them. 

13). I don't see the colors we'd like for our event anywhere on your website, can you get them?

  • The balloon color possibilities are out there, and believe it or not, we double stuff a lot of balloons for custom colors! It's a fun little pro trick that we use often! We will do our absolute best to pull together your event color palette.

14). How soon in advance can we book?

  • We book out to a year in advance. This is ideal for weddings, bridal showers, and other larger events.

Not finding the answer to your question? Please contact us at contactballoonbar@gmail.com